The optimal sitting position.

A measuring procedure for a perfect sitting position is a highly demanding and important step
for creating the optimal wheelchair.

The SIMO mobility simulator was developed to expedite and ease the process of measuring a patient for a wheelchair, while reducing errors

Setting options of SIMO.

SIMO can set and measure the following.

Seat width

290 to 545mm

Seat depth

250 to 550mm

Front seat height

295 to 540mm

Rear seat height

295 to 520mm

Back angle

-10 to 10 degrees

Back height

250 to 480mm

Front footrest height

45 to 250mm

Rear footrest height

45 to 215mm

Footrest length

290 bis 500mm

Footrest angle

0 to 10 Grad

frame length

245 - 790mm

Center of gravity

-170 to +295

More Informations.

The simulator

Introduction of a new technology in the professional measurement process for wheelchairs.

SIMO in action

How does a session with SIMO proceed, and what types of reports does such a session provide?

M-i Active Wheelchair

The M-i is a handmade rigid-frame active wheelchair that is individually tailored to the user’s measurements, leaving no desires unmet.