A session with SIMO.

SIMO can be easily operated through a Bluetooth or cable-connected controller.

This controller controls the electromechanical parts to seamlessly adjust SIMO to the user’s body, achieving the correct seating posture.

The process within SIMO.

  • The user sits on SIMO.

  • Adjustment of body measurements.

  • Simulation with wheel propulsion.

  • Analysis of propulsion performance in relation to the seating position.

  • Report on the optimal wheelchair dimensions for maximum performance and proper seating posture.

The analysis afterward.

SIMO’s software can save a session for later continuation or analysis.

From the user database, a detailed report can be generated for printing or sharing.

SIMO is equipped with a photo analysis system. Peripheral cameras can capture the user while simulating an alternative seating position.

These photos/captures can be used to assess the improvement of the seating posture, even by the user themselves.

More information.

The simulator

The SIMO wheelchair simulator offers numerous benefits in the professional measurement process.

SIMO in detail

Here you will find technical details about SIMO, such as settings and measurement values.

M-i Active Wheelchair

The M-i is a handmade rigid-frame active wheelchair that is individually tailored to the user’s measurements, leaving no desires unmet.