We have created the world's first wheelchair simulator.

Through SIMO, we gain a profound understanding of the needs of each user. SIMO simulates the sensation of sitting and driving a wheelchair under various conditions.


New technology.

SIMO offers numerous benefits in the professional measurement process.

  • Simplification of the measurement process.

  • Reduction of measurement time.

  • Elimination of measurement inaccuracies.

  • Enhancement of product quality.

  • Time-saving in training new measurement experts.


SIMO employs software specifically developed for its purpose, simulating the real-life experience.

With the simulation application, you can navigate through a city environment using virtual reality.

More information.

SIMO in action

How does a session with SIMO proceed, and what types of reports does such a session provide?

SIMO in Detail

Here you will find technical details about SIMO, such as settings and measurement values.

M-i Active Wheelchair

The M-i is a handcrafted rigid-frame active wheelchair that is individually tailored to the user’s measurements, leaving no desires unmet.