The advantages for wheelchair users.

  • The wheelchair fits 100% to the body measurements.

  • The possibility to test the wheelchair before it is produced

  • Assessment and improvement of the sitting position

  • Prevention of health problems caused by incorrect sitting position

  • Maximum performance with minimum effort

  • Independence and better quality of life


The advantages for clinics, therapists and medical supply stores

  • Offer of cardio program

  • “Sit Correctly” certificate

  • Realistic wheelchair training independent of weather and terrain

  • Individual therapies by testing sitting positions

  • Fast training of employees & time savings

  • Incorrect measurements are prevented


New opportunities

  • ...for study and research at universities / colleges

  • …of new types of healthcare services (e.g. assessment of the wheelchair dimensions and sitting posture of wheelchair users who have been fitted with them).

  • …by advising wheelchair users on different adjustments and seating positions