REAC, a manufacturer behind SIMO

Here’s a post from motor manufacturer REAC about SIMO:

What sets REAC apart from other drive system manufacturers? We are curious and conscientious problem solvers. The biggest challenges bring out the best in us. Just ask the folks at Wheel! They developed the groundbreaking wheelchair simulator SIMO. SIMO was designed to ensure that each wheelchair fits properly for its user. In the past, you would take the customer’s measurements, send them to the factory on an order form and hope for the best. With SIMO, the customer can try out the correct seating position before their actual wheelchair is made. Why is this so important? Because a wheelchair that doesn’t quite fit its user not only makes it less helpful in everyday life, it can be downright harmful. – Almost all health problems a wheelchair user can have have to do with their seating position, says Charalampos “Harry” Bourazanis, the designer behind SIMO. As a long-time expert in the field of rehabilitation equipment, Dimitris Gkainatzis always knew he wanted a tool that would help him choose the right wheelchair for each individual. Finally, Dimitris and his technicians teamed up with Harry to make it happen.

Once the design was finalized, it was time to find the right actuator supplier. One that was both able to customize their product and manufacture small quantities.

REAC helped us a lot, not only by accepting our small quantities, but also by adapting their design according to our specifications as well as our quality requirements.

REAC created unique versions of our RE2000 and RE3005 actuator models, as well as a flexible control system, all tailor-made for the simulator’s particular needs. In addition to functionality and quality, aesthetics were also an important factor. SIMO required ultra-compact and attractive actuators that would blend into the overall design. Today, SIMO is a reality and has been patented in the US and Europe. It is attracting a lot of attention from both industry and academia due to its commercial and research potential. Everyone at REAC is so proud to have made a small contribution to this important invention by supplying components that made SIMO move. We look forward to the positive impact it will have on the quality of life of wheelchair users.